"Russian Ballet Seasons" is theatre company born in 2015 year. 


We are a young company with our own original philosophy and art vision. The main idea is to returne pure creativity and "song of the soul" into the performing process.


We offer different projects: classical ballet, brand new neo-classical performances, master-classes with the Company. Becides there are always some new ideas wich are waiting for realization in the nearest future.


Our company offers multifaced repertoir wich includes classical ballets and brand new plastic forms. Learn more with our site.


Get acquainted with our Company, it's scene stile and creative solutions

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Support us

RBS is a young theatre company. We would be glad to recieve your business offers concerning touring, performing and other projects.


We call your attention to suvenirs, video, ballet accessories and the etceteras wich you can find in the Shopp section.


In addition RSB invites to take part in open classes & master-classes with ballet masters and dancers of the Company.