RBST event offers


Our company offers ballet for events: the shooting of film, advertising, ballet for a wedding, birthday, corporate party, fashion shows and others.

Ballet for a wedding, birthday, corporate events


The dancers of the theater "Russian ballet seasons" will create a unique atmosphere at your event. Our team consists of professionals with extensive theatrical experience. We offer a wide range of dance compositions in different styles: classical ballet, neo-classical, modern choreography. We will select a ballet program that's right for your event according to your wishes, the nature of the event, budget and capabilities of a particular workspace.

Fashion & Ballet


"Russian Ballet Seasons" соmpany offers a unique service for fashion shows. We will transform an ordinary fashion show into a real theatrical performance with elements of ballet, drama, and storyline. Our choreographer will create a composition that is suitable for the designer's ideas that reflect the meaning of the collection, the essence of creative ideas.

This proposal is unusual, creative and unique for today. Dancers of RBST have strong ballet technique and artistry, as well as beautiful appearance, fine texture of body, charisma and charm. They can decorate their participation in any show, and the presentation form will make the event even more original, unconventional and unforgettable .

Ballet for children's parties


RBST offers ballets-fairy tales for children with a duration of 30-40 minutes with a minimum composition of the dancers. This is the optimal format for an audience of children. Classical ballets in a simplified and shortened form, will introduce children to the art of ballet and the famous ballet libretto. The advantage of this proposal is that the performance takes place without any scenery, does not require special technical equipment, can be carried out not on the stage , can be performed in different workspaces, including children's clubs, restaurants and studios. On customer request the performance can take place accompanied by a narrator-actor. This form will allow the youngest viewers better understand the scene. Also on request, we can include an interactive element for additional entertainment for children.