RBST: Brand New Productions

Russian Ballet Seasons Theatre is happy to present our new art works. From the beginning ot the season 2016-2017 our repertoire is enriched by one-act compositions.

Evening of one-act ballets: "Sunstroke", "Silf", "Symphony".

Brand new performances in the style of neo-classic. Choreography: Daria Mikhailova for the theater "Russian Ballet Seasons", exclusive rights.

Young innovator, Daria Mikhailova, RBST’s choreographer, is creating in collaboration with the staff and teachers of the theatre performances of a wide stylistic range.

The first part of evening of one-act ballets presents a performance named "Sunstroke". This ballet is the embodiment of famous literary works by I. A. Bunin with the same name. This ballet is all the first part of the evening. The second branch presents a ballet on the theme of Scottish legends and myths - "Silf" and a work "Symphony" which represents the Grand finale of the evening: interesting patterns created by the dancers, neo-classical style of dance in the style of Balanchine, music by Prokofiev, illustrated by dance will complete a vivid impression of contemporary productions of the young choreographer.

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