"Carmen" by RBST: Love, Passion, Freedom...

For our theatre the beginning of the new season has been marked by a very important event. We are happy to announce that the famous one-act ballet "Carmen" has joined our repertoire.

About ballet

"Carmen" is a ballet with character. The fact that makes it special is that being far away from the canons of the academic choreography it took a strong position in the same row with the outstanding pieces of the world classical ballet. Today it is difficult to imagine a theatre that would not undertake for its own setting of this masterpiece.

For the first time the tragic destiny of the Spanish gypsy Carmen, once described on the novella pages by Prosper Mérimée, was translated into the language of dance in the middle of the last century thanks to the efforts of the Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso. Music for the ballet was taken from the opera by Georges Bizet and the orchestration was carried out by a Russian composer Rodion Shchedrin.

The bullfighting arena where the action happens is like the participants’ and observers’ lives: it is on the border between life and death. Carmen has a lively character and she is capable to feel deeply and sincerely. She is very different from the dispassionate “masks”-people. In the struggle for pure love and absolute freedom, proud and willful, she enters into an unequal battle with Fate…

The plot of the ballet "Carmen" is considerably simplified in comparison with the literary original. However, the passions and emotions exceed it much more. This is the special value of the art of dance which is able to express what we cannot describe with words.

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