Brand New "Nutcracker": Wonderful Classics - Fresh View by RBST

On the 28th of December the premiere of the renewed ballet "The Nutcracker" was performed by our dancers on the stage of the "Modern" theatre in Moscow.

We congratulate our artists with this very important step forward! Congratulations to our new partners who have just started the cooperation with our theatre. We would like to thank our deputy director Irina Cherkasova and our deputy of art director Tata Baghdasaryan. We are very grateful to you for the courage and the desire to develop our projects.

We would like to thank the "Modern" theatre administration for the initiative and the active interest to our troupe.

We would like to note the efforts of the pupils of Balakiriev Ballet School and Youth Ensemble «Little County». The young students have shown a truly adult patience and courage dancing on the same stage with the professional artists. We wish the young dancers a success in their studies and we sincerely believe that they will have the incredibly interesting life in art in the future.

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