Ekaterina Cherkasova: Direction & Inspiration

Ekaterina Cherkasova Principal dancer, director and founder of the theater.

Ekaterina is a founder and an inspirer of the theatre "Russian Ballet Seasons". Thinking about her own theater, she tried to create, first of all, a unique platform for the creative self-realization of young talented choreographers, dancers, artists and directors who were in search of fresh and actual ideas for their further transfer on the ballet stage. Ekaterina sees the main mission of her theatre in preserving the best traditions of Russian ballet and maintaining interest to this art. In the company "Russian Ballet Seasons" Ekaterina was the first soloist who performed the role of Carmen in the ballet of the same name. Besides, she dances some solo parts in classical performances "The Nutcracker" (Mary, Sugar Plum Fairy) and the "Swan Lake" (Pas de trois, Hungarian and Russian brides, Big Swans, Spanish dance). In addition, Catherine is engaged in the production and directing of choreography and scenography of our ballet performances.

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